Torrey Montgomery M.S.
Influencer of Influecers
Igniting A Generation To Live Life Fulfilled, Equipped, & Empowered. 
Changing Lives Raising Up Leaders 
This is where Mindsets are shifted
4 principles that I teach that change everything
Reprogram Your Mind 
Reimage Your Mind 
Reframe Your Mind 
Renew Your Mind 
Meet The Man
The Entrepreneur  Torrey has owned multiple storefront businesses in the fitness and nutrition as well as Martial Arts Schools. He's been the top salesperson in with several companies. He is a leadership strategist that helps create a high capacity leadership mindset that increase progress, productivity, and profits.  Torrey is a published Author of several books.
The Preacher  In 2007, Torrey Launched Connection Church in Oklahoma City. Connection Church is a radical church that is focused on raising up leaders that become agents of change.  He has travelled extensively around the world preaching and teaching a message of God's Kingdom and radical love bringing hope to a broken world.  
My Passion
Watch Torrey Montgomery as guest on this Podcast with Bishop Rick Hawkins
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