"Shifting from your NOW to your NEXT."
Torrey Montgomery M.S. 
Get Ready for the Gonext experience!
I am a Leadership Strategist that does not focus on the activity of leadership. I focus on the mind-set of leadership.
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We'll show you how to Change Your LEADERSHIP Capacity with a few simple principles. 
The four things everyone must do in order to lead at the NEXT level!

  •  Reprogram Your Mind
  •  Reimage Your Mind.
  •  Reframe Your Mind.
  •  Renew Your Mind. 
I train leaders, visionaries, and influencers how to present messages that move the masses!

Torrey Montgomery is the Lead Pastor of Connection Church and founder of GoNEXT Leadership consulting. He has traveled extensively around the world helping leaders of churches, government organizations, law enforcement, and businesses increase their leadership capacity and discover their NEXT! 
You're life will be radically changed. If you're not ready for your paradigm to be challenged and your world to shift to another level Torrey is not your guy. But if your ready to take it to the next level contact him today. 
Don't Forget Your Products! 
Check messages and training from Torrey. 
I speak At Churches.
As a Pastor my passions for your church is that your congregation will experience the radical love of God and discover their identity in Him. My messages are carefully considered with prayer to bring freedom and healing that will shift the ministry to its greatest days. I'm available for seminars, conferences, or special services. 
I Speak For Business. 
As a CEO I understand the need for High-Capacity leaders. My passion is to train leaders at the highest level and help you foster an environment of high moral that will increase PRODUCTIVITY, PROGRESS, and PROFITS. I will give practical principles that guarantee your organization will elevate to the next level. I'm available for seminars, Keynotes, or training. 
I Speak for Schools. 
As a parent I understand what students experience on a daily basis on all levels. My passion is to help students identify their purpose and ability to lead at high levels. My talks will be centered around building the confidence of the student. I have seen a reduction in bullying, higher test scores, and students excited about their future. I'm available for assemblies, talks, sports teams, etc. 
YES! I need Torrey to come to our organization!  
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